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Zululand Debt Counsellors has been registered with the National Credit Regulator (Tel: 011 554 2600) since 2009, our Reg. No: NCRDC 1399. Since then we have helped more than 3000 to 5000 consumers throughout South Africa, who could not commit to repaying their debt each month.

When under financial strain and inundated by phone calls, emails, sms’ from creditors, threatening to take legal action, this can be overwhelming and stressful for any consumer.

Zululand Debt Counsellors can help take this pressure off. Having integrity, passion and invaluable experience, Zululand Debt Counsellors are committed to providing an immediate relief to each consumer experiencing Debt Stress.

View our Gallery page to see how committed we are in offering Debt Review successfully to each consumer joining us.
“Your wellness is of utmost importance to us.”

i  Explaining Debt Review
ii Explaining the differences between Admin Orders and Debt Review & the benefits of Debt Review.

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Is debt affecting your home life?
Are you borrowing from Peter to pay Paul?
Is debt affecting your performance at work?
Are you regularly absent from work due to debt related stress and illnesses?
Are you afraid to open your mail because payments are overdue?
Are you afraid of losing your home or car?
Are you afraid that there are garnishees and judgments on it’s way?
Are you taking out loans to make payments to existing debt?
Have you been refused a loan because of a poor credit record?
You don’t know where to turn or who to call?


  • NCR Accredited ASSISTANCE anywhere in South Africa
  • You have RIGHTS and we will PROTECT YOU
  • Our FREE ASSESSMENT will relieve you
  • You are PROTECTED against creditors
  • You pay ONE AMOUNT per month
  • You AVOID judgments and garnishee orders
  • You AVOID losing your house, cars and furniture
  • No UPFRONT fees charged
  • You get a FRESH FINANCIAL start in life!


The goal of Zululand Debt Counsellors is to assist the employees in enforcing their constitutional rights to shelter, food and education and then we asses the remaining salary in order to consolidate all their debt and to be able to develop a re-payment plan that is affordable to consumers and acceptable to all their creditors through this process called Debt Review.

Debt Review is not a loan and it is not an administration order, it is totally different. (All debt are included in Debt Review with unlimited debt amounts. Debt Review is not a life time commitment!

Zululand Debt Counsellors has such an excellent and successful track record and was appointed by the Department of Correctional Services to assist their staff members with Debt Review for a 3rd term since 2010 up to 2013/14 – Empangeni Management Area (Stranger to Pongola).

Zululand Debt Counsellors has also successfully implemented Debt Review at several Government Institutions, Hospitals, Schools, Municipalities and Public/Private Companies in South Africa.


We are registered Debt Counsellors with the National Credit Regulator; Reg. No: NCRDC 1399 and we are operating in terms of the National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005. The main purpose of the National Credit Act is to protect you, the consumer, against reckless lending and to provide over-indebted consumers with a means to pay of their debts in an affordable manner, without losing their assets.

By choosing Zululand Debt Counsellors you have taken the first step towards financial stability. We will help you to take back control of your life, ease your financial worries and have you well on your way to become debt free as soon as possible.

What is Debt Counselling?
Debt Counselling is a professional service provided for over-indebted consumers. It is a process regulated by the new National Credit Act and provides you, the consumer, with greater protection against creditors wishing to take legal action. The goal of Debt Counselling is to develop a repayment plan that is affordable to you and acceptable to all of your creditors. This repayment plan will still allow you to meet your basic living expenses.

What are the benefits of Debt Counselling?
In most cases we can lower your payments. For a period of 60 working days (± 3 months) your credit providers are not allowed to contact you, just to give you some peace of mind while we’re busy getting you sorted. We are in a position to negotiate new debt restructure schemes, timescales and even interest rates with credit providers. New debt restructure repayment amounts will be based on what funds you have available after your necessary expenses have been paid – ensuring that your debt becomes affordable for you and your family. The fees payable to us are included in your repayment plan. Debt Counselling is the best monitored and regulated method of preventing Creditors to attach your assets!

To do nothing about all the Debt?
The decision to reach out for help with your debt is not one that’s easy to make, but now it’s nearly unbearable. You struggle along while your creditors are turning up the heat – and now you’re at the point where the late fees, penalties and interest expense make it impossible to keep your head above water. That’s why you started looking for a Dept Counsellor. That’s why you are reading this page now.

The worst thing you can do at this point is to Do Nothing. You owe it to yourself to speak with a Debt Counsellor at Zululand Debt Counsellors as soon as possible and to prepare and send to us the documents required in the form below for your Debt Evaluation and a FREE assessment.

Zululand Debt Counsellors operates everywhere in South Africa. We can negotiate debt re-arrangement orders in every magistrate’s office in South Africa. So if you’re eligible, we’re available to help you start a fresh financial life wherever you are!

Download and submit a FREE ASSESSMENT FORM today for an initial review of your financial situation. We shall explain to you confidentially about your FREE ASSESSMENT and about your Debt Management options at no cost. You are under no obligation to sign up. We are committed to learn you about your consumer rights, the processes and the benefits you may enjoy under Debt Review and the role of the National Credit Regulator.

Anyone employed can at any given time register for Debt Review to have immediate financial relief when they are over-in debt.



Download The Debt Review: Step by Step Debt Counselling Processes with Zululand Debt Counsellors.

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